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2022 Astral Calendar - printed on elephant poo paper

Astral calendar 2022 💫

Showing the moon phases, meteor showers, eclipses and visible planets throughout 2022.

To gaze into the cosmos and gain some perspective on our human lives. how looking at the vastness/ the cosmos encourages us to reflect more widely on the human condition and our own place in the world.

Printed in northern thailand on Elephant Poo Paper - a sustainable paper source made from 85% elephant poo and 15% recycled paper. A3 size. Each piece is uniquely different, and the specks on the paper have all once passed through an elephant!


Illustrating the following ~

* Because fragrance is dependent on several environmental factors, such as temperature, humidity, and a flower’s age, flowers smell differently in space than they do on Earth.

* On Earth, a flame will rise. In space, however, a flame will move outward from its source in all directions. Because space has no gravity, the expanding hot air experiences equal resistance in all directions, so it moves spherically from its source. (The flame would have to be struck inside a spaceship)

* All of the atoms in our bodies were created through the fusion of stars.


Worldwide shipping possible.

Due to a year of financial difficulties for many, the price is slightly lower than last year.

Thankyou for supporting my small business and allowing me to continue creating <3