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‘Protection charms’ Original Painting on Canvas

‘Protection charms’ Original Painting on Canvas. 20cm x 20cm.

Miniature painted and handrawn protection charms. Painted with a dip ink pen, so full of imperfections and a more playful movement than the usual fineline pens. Painted with joy, which i hope shows through the canvas :)

These are all inspired by nature, from various thoughts and walks. I‘d like them to be read into however you wish, and attach your own ideas and intentions to the marks. 

This is a one of a kind piece, not to be recreated and which prints will not be made from either.

As always, all packaging is plastic free, using biodegradable or recycled materials only. Shipping will be from the UK, worldwide shipping is possible. Will be posted tracked and signed. 

With Love, and as always, thankyou for your support