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Comfort of the wild - Art Print on recycled paper

Inspired by how stepping back into the forest, clearly shows the beauty in all parts of life cycles:

The comfort of the city

Feeds a disconnection to nature

Out of the cycles and into distractions

Painting my nails more often than I consider mortality

And then when i do finally remember it,

I try to fight it

I fight the most natural part of my life

Hushing and shushing it with a soft smother of of red wine and eyelashes

Ideas of younger and forever’s


Stepping back into the woods

Into the beauty in the snail shells, bones, skeleton leaves, the old, the aged and the decaying.

‘You’re going to die just like us. You’re going to die so you can evolve. Just as we do’

Say the forest trees.

Beauty in the old, the past and the untameable

Beauty in the changes, the evolution and deaths


Love doesn’t mean holding on

Beauty doesn’t mean adding on

The war against nature

Tells all we have forgotten

The city ease

Comes with a disconnecting comfort.

And how comfortable can it be to uproot from the nature’s wild?


Art Print on 350gsm 100% recycled paper.

29 x 29cm



Postage will be from the UK, with plastic free packaging.

If you would like a custom size printed or to use this for other purpose please email me at

Note that this is currently for pre-order, and will take up to 3 weeks until it arrives at your door.