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As much as i love working with you on custom logo pieces for your company and branding, i understand that the amount of time this process takes, isnt affordable for every start-up business. So i have put together a collection of available designs, which can be bought- once only- and used as a logo.


Extra info:-

* Each design can only be purchased and used once. Your logo will not be used by anyone else as their logo too.

* These are not available for resale. 

* Edits are not possible on these designs, without asking for extra compensation. This includes adding text.

* Once purchased, i will share with you .psd and .jpeg versions of the file. The .psd version will have an empty background for you to work with. I will also share with you permission and right to use this design. 

* If you intend to use this design for anything other than a logo, please get in touch first, as this is only permission to use as a logo, and nothing else.


If you would like to collaborate on designing a custom logo specifically for your vision and ideas, i have some info about this process here.