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Please get in touch via email if you would like to collaborate on any of the following:

- packaging design;
- artwork for website, flyers or spot illustrations to support your business
- textile and t-shirt design
- book covers; album and music artwork
- pattern design
- wedding material
- editorial or narrative illustration
- surfboard design (please!)
or anything else you would like adorned or illustrated... I’m always happy to branch out and work on new ideas, even if you don’t see examples on my website. 

I choose to work with companies that are ethical and consider what and how they are putting into the world, creating as little harm as possible on the earth and all its inhabitants. Whatever your idea may be, I’m always happy to chat about it and discuss options and possibilities.

Please share as much about your ideas, and your business that you're willing to, as this always helps the creative process. Feel free to share anything that might help, be it your favorite song, or anything that inspires you. 

I can work towards your budget and let you know how many details are possible for you based on that, or i can give you a personalized quote. If you would like a quote, please also share some screenshots of previous pieces of my work, as examples of what you would like. My portfolio is here if you'd like to see some more pieces.

I always try to reply to emails within 5 days, but if you don't hear from me after then, feel free to reach out again!


Please contact me here!