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‘Holding Hands with Fear’ limited edition print on Elephant Poo Paper

Holding hands with fear~


Out in the battleground

Sitting with the water dragons

But mostly being seaweed.

Adrenaline for breakfast

You’re not ready for that big one

Fear is there

Shaking me, pushing me,

And guiding me- pointing at my limits.


As soon as I allow Fear a space to be, give it as much time as it needs before it leaves, we stop fighting each other. I relax.  It can stay as long as it needs. And the pressure to feel anything else lessens.


This print is on A3 sized ‘Elephant Poo Paper’. This is an entirely sustainable paper source, made from 80% elephant dung and 20% recycled paper, in Northern Thailand.
As the paper is handmade- and from elephant dung- some flecks will be visible, so each print will look uniquely different, and have a slightly textured surface. These paper flecks will have once passed through an elephant!

This is a limited edition with only 25 prints available.

Worldwide postage is possible, all orders will be posted within 3 working days from the UK. All the packaging is plastic free.

Thankyou so much for supporting my small business and allowing me to continue to work creatively, I really appreciate it <3