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‘A Samhain Blessing’ Illustration - free / gift download

Happy Samhain/ Hallows Eve!

This is an invite to venture inwards… To honour your self, your past, your ancestors, the many changes over the past year, to acknowledge all you’ve harvested and to welcome in newness.

Here’s some ritual ideas below but feel free to adapt them as best suits your individual self and place right now (ha especially if youre on a remote island). Please share any other ideas below too!

Suggested herbs, plants, oils :

🌿 Rosemary (rememberance)

🌿 Pine (clearing the mind, forgiveness)

🌿 Pomegranates (many seeds= fertility and newness)

🎃 Squashes (abundance)

🌿 Mugwort (divination and dreaming)

🌿 Sage (to cleanse and clear out unwanted energy)

🌿 Cinnamon (soothing, warmth)

🌿 Mullein (focus, clarity, intuition) …my favourite right now.

Suggested ritual ideas:

🔮 Create your space with any items which hold importance to you at this particular time, and any of the above herbs and scents.

🔮 Light a candle and imagine a circle of white light surrounding you and your space, offering protection in this time while the veil of two worlds is thinner, and we can see outside our usual reality.

🔮 Either in a journal or in the mind, explore:

  • your transformations in the last chapter, and what you have shed.
  • Any learning you found in the shadows, and the beginnings that come from endings.
  • Which aspects of you that you would like to develop, and bring new life to.

🔮 Close with meditating on the idea that we do not need actual death for a way to start anew. We can choose a rebirth at any chosen time. Any given moment.



This illustration is a free gift to download, because I appreciate you, and I’m thankful to be still making and creating. Thankyou. Much love <3