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“The Mountain“ - Original Piece

 Drawn between February and April 2023, beneath the sacred mountain of Doi Luang in  Chiang Dao - North Thailand. 


“The Mountain”


How can I be like you?

I asked the Doi Luang steady mountain

And she replied silently:

To be strong first you quieten

To be unshaken, first you soften

To be peace, fill your heart with flowers

More flowers than words

More leaves than hurt

Forgive what you’re still holding

Trust in the great timing

Plant seedlings in openness

Replace the fullness of thought

With space to be taught

It’s already all within you

This is how you were first made.



Size: 290 x 207 mm. Hand drawn on tea stained handmade paper

This is a one of a kind original. There will be no prints or remakes of this particular piece.

As always, all packaging is plastic free, using biodegradable or recycled materials only. Shipping will be from the UK, worldwide shipping is possible. Sent with Tracking.

With Love, and as always, thankyou for supporting my small business and allowing me to continue creating ♡