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“Jellyfish“ - Original Piece

 “The Jellyfish”

Within all of us, there is a wild water creature, submerged just under the skin. All she craves is to rest in ease and flow, to move with the currents and allow her body to sing into the sea. There is a world within her, a world that stays mostly hidden until welcomed back into the place of ease and flow- where only there, she is able to waken all of herself into life. And from that place she swaps perfectionism for playfulness. She trades her scars for newness and finds the beauty within them. The world within her is in permanent flux, a continuous changing cycle, a home that’s forever transforming, and an inner mirror to the natural world we came out of -and into. She sees sacredness in the old, in the flaws, and as much beauty in the mud as there is in the stars.


Size: 580 x 124 x 20 mm - at the longest parts. Hand drawn on a piece of driftwood, which was originally from a painted fishing boat, in the Andaman sea. 

This is a one of a kind original. There will be no prints or remakes of this particular piece. This piece is delicate.

As always, all packaging is plastic free, using biodegradable or recycled materials only. Shipping will be from the UK, worldwide shipping is possible. Sent with Tracking.

With Love, and as always, thankyou for supporting my small business and allowing me to continue creating ♡