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TATTOO PASS - Grounding into self

This is one of a few designs which i am offering a ‘Tattoo Pass/ Ink Pass’ for. Unlike my custom tattoo designs these are a few which are created and intended to be shared more widely in the world. The designs you see listed here, are the only designs that are available for purchase to take elsewhere to tattoo. Any other design that you see on my website or instagram, has been created for just one person, usually based on their personal story, with their own symbolism and intentions included in the design, so please do not take these ones. But this collection on this page, is available for purchase by anyone and everyone, and to tattoo from anywhere in the world, either by handpoke or machine methods.

After purchasing a ‘Tattoo Pass’, i will then email you the high resolution design to the email address you have listed here. Please make sure to check your email address for any typos! If you don’t receive it within 48hours, please email me and i will resend it. Please note, this purchase only gives permission for tattooing. If you wish to purchase it for another use, please email me to ask about this first-

I do not mind if you wish to alter the design slightly to suit the placement and size you choose for the tattoo. It’s up to you and your chosen artist, to interpret it as you wish, and i will not be offended if you wish to add your own style and adapt it. By purchasing this, you are allowing me to continue to afford to create art and share it. I appreciate this so much. Thankyou! <3