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The Magic Within - Tattoo Art ebook

‘The Magic Within’ 

A downloadable PDF tattoo art e-book. There are over 40 designs, varying in size and style and concept within these pages. The book tells a little story, with the backpage describing the symbolism and intentions behind making it.

Once you’ve downloaded it, feel free to tattoo any of these designs on yourself, either by yourself or by another artist. Or print it out as art pages, or just keep as a digital book. Up to you...

Just please do not share this book with others, or use these to promote your own business or re-sell elsewhere. These designs are not to be used as logos, on flyers, or put anywhere on the internet. -thankyou for respecting that, and keeping this personal for those who choose to own it.  

This is made straight from the heart, with some words/ intentions/ mantras I have been speaking to myself now and then. Things that help me amidst all the curveballs of life!

I hope the joy of creating this shows through the pages. If you do download it, please share what you think/feel on my instagram. 

Keeping downloads to a limited number, so if its no longer available in the shop, that’s why... Once you have purchased this item, you will then receive a download link for the ebook.

Big love! & as always massive thanks for your support and allowing me to keep creating <3