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‘Intention’ + ‘Sung prayers’ illustration prints

'Intention' and 'Sung Prayers' print collection - 25% off the usual price.

1. Sung Prayers -

Intrinsic circles around the fire

Reweaving disconnection

Rewriting inner storylines

Revealing kinship

Re-healing broken paths

Reimagining connectivity

Remembering abandoned past

~ drawn from the moment Nessi Gomes sung her prayers into the sky alongside the campfire sparks. Medicine Festival 2022

2. Intention -

Sometimes it takes awhile for the reflections to come. Long after the experience. Long after the feeling moves into motion. I asked what it was that made the feeling of medicine festival ‘23 special. And it was the power of intention. A dream from one, to a few, to a few hundred. Wisdom in the collective. Building a web with the core deep in the heart. 
Drawn as a reminder of the importance of taking time to consider the intention before stepping into action


These pieces were drawn from Medicine Festival 2022 and 2023