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‘Water Shapes’ Art Print on Recycled paper

‘Water Shapes’ Art Print on Recycled paper- limited edition of 10 prints.

The lulls and hums, intimacy with myself when joy and fear play together, in the body- out the body, in the blue- in the air. New movement. Water wings. Any 
self image undone and given into the space of becoming softer and stronger- closer to the water movements.

The water that connects us, in necessities and in metaphors, is also what refreshes and reminds the magic of life.


Art Print on 350gsm 100% recycled paper 

29 x 29cm




PLEASE NOTE - That due to holiday delays, these prints will not be posted until mid-January.

Postage will be from the UK, with plastic free packaging.

If you would like a custom size printed or to use this for other purpose please email me at