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2024 Astral Calendar - Digital download

This order is for 1 x 2024 Astral Calendar for Digital download, not a print.

The download is high quality file, with 2 colour options 

Once purchased, you will receive a link to download the file. You are welcome to then print it or use it as a digital version. 



Astral calendar 2024 - slowing down -to connect with life- with all the heart  💫

Showing the moon phases, meteor showers, eclipses and visible planets throughout 2024. 

Illustrating and Symbolising the following-

💫 The wonder that’s only visible through stillness and slowness. The spirit tucked into a snail shell. The spiral symbolising endless journeys within, and outside ourselves.

🌠 And, as always, remembering that all of the atoms in our bodies were created through the fusion of stars. Remembering where we came from. Remembering the grand scale of being and the miracle of existence. 

Thankyou for supporting my small business and allowing me to continue creating <3